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  • Maximilian Hawker

Found by Unbound

I've decided to keep a loose blog going on my website for important bits and pieces that I can discuss. As I am now published, I thought I would say a bit about my publisher, Unbound.

I had not heard of Unbound until shortly before I approached them with my manuscript but was impressed with the idea of harnessing crowdfunding to bring books to market. For me, this approach brings the reader a great deal of control over the kinds of books they want to see in print. So, where traditional publishing responds to the market; crowdfunded publishing drives the market. I think this is an important distinction to make and I would not be surprised to see it go from strength to strength.

Unbound's model also builds itself around active authorial participation with the market and the wider literary community. I am continually impressed with the efforts of other authors crowdfunding through Unbound. I hear of them attending events, conventions, book groups and author talks to spread the word about their projects, slowly developing an audience and a following. This aspect of crowdfunding is the most rewarding in that you are able to market an in-development project and encourage participation.

The team at Unbound is another selling point. People are friendly and more than happy to help you with any issues you have or questions you pose. They are visible online and actively engage with the author community. This sense of cohesion binds the publisher together with its writers in a way I have not seen elsewhere.

But the single most unique benefit of being with Unbound is in being able to interact with that author community - both online and in person. The authors are always on hand to offer support, give a word of advice and help raise the profile of your project or finished book. I've also found myself reading books I may not otherwise read because I have come to know the author and their personality has drawn me into their writing. The reward here has been enormous as my literary perspective has widened and I have been able to enjoy some incredible reads.

Publishing, like any industry, must adapt to grow and Unbound holds a forward-thinking space in the industry. And it is publishers like Unbound whose innovation is sorely needed to continue driving change in publishing - long may it continue.